Frankie Bridge thinks it's ''unfair'' everyone can see her beauty disasters.

The 28-year-old singer - who has sons Parker, three, and Carter, two, with husband Wayne Bridge - thinks she and her Saturdays bandmates used to wear ''too much'' make-up and hates the fact the images are still around for all to see.

Asked if she's ever had a beauty disaster, she said: ''Oh my God, loads. The unfair thing is you can just Google my images.

''In so many pictures, there's just too much make-up.

''There was a stage where the girls and I wore make-up like a mask.

''I remember being on tour when I first met Wayne. I came home and it was the first time he'd ever seen me in stage make-up. He was like, 'Wow - what happened to your face?' ''

But these days, the 'Ego' hitmaker's cosmetics routine couldn't be more different.

She said: ''I've always kept my regime quite simple. I'm not one of those people who would sit down and give myself a facial.

''I've never been high-maintenance in that way.

''I'd always wear make-up in the day before I had the boys, but now I'm not as bothered.

''If I'm running around with them I try and have make-up free days, but on a night out, it's always a full face of make-up.''

And the former S Club Juniors star is currently having problems with her skin.

She said in a recent interview: ''I've been struggling with my skin a little bit. It's weird. I'm 28, I've got this far without having any problems, why is it happening now?

''It's catch-22 - you want to put make-up on to cover it up, then you don't want to because it will make it worse.''