Frankie Bridge's children are desperate for a sibling.

The former Saturdays singer - who has sons Parker, five, and three-year-old Carter with husband Wayne Bridge - admitted the boys are ''obsessed'' with babies and would love to have an infant in the house to play with.

She said: ''They're obsessed with babies. They'd be great with another brother or sister.''

Wayne added: ''I think they'd fight over them. They'd be fighting over who would be a having a cuddle first.''

Frankie is currently feeling ''really broody'' but though she likes the idea of another child at the moment, the footballer doesn't think they'll be expanding their family any time soon.

She said: ''We change our minds all the time, I've been really broody lately but I feel like we're never broody at the same time.

''It's a really big decision as everything goes up a notch, plus the boys get on really well and I've enjoyed being back at work.''

Wayne added: ''Never say never, but I'd say at the moment it won't happen soon. We definitely do go through stages.

''I'd love a massive family at Christmas and birthdays to create loads of memories but it's never that easy.

''We've been through all the nappies and we get to do loads more with the boys now they're older.

''I don't know if another baby would change any of that.''

While Frankie ''can't imagine'' never having another baby, the 29-year-old star also admitted she hates being pregnant and wishes she didn't have to go through it.

Asked why she's feeling broody, she told OK! magazine: ''I think it's the boys being so grown up, Parker's at school and he's really come into his own and Carter was always my baby but he starts school next year. I can't imagine never having another.

''I'm only 29 and it would be weird, so we'll see...

''I don't like being pregnant. If you could just hand me a baby, that might be different.''