Rap superstar 50 CENT was forced to end his set at Britain's READING FESTIVAL this weekend (28-29AUG04) early, after being booed and abused by the crowd.

Disenchanted music lovers at the annual event began berating the star before the lights had even gone up on his performance.

When the IN DA CLUB hip-hopper did take to the stage with his G-Unit crew, he was forced to share it with hundreds of plastic cups and bottles some of the 55,000 fans at the event had hurled from the crowd.

50 Cent's attempts to rouse the audience were met with chants of "50 Cent is a w***er" and more missiles, including a chair.

The rapper then attempted to calm the crowd by pleading "We're just all here to have fun", but aggravated them further by throwing missiles back at fans and encouraging them to raise their middle fingers.

After just 25 minutes, the Grammy winner gave up and left the stage.

50 Cent wasn't the only victim of a critical crowd at the event - Finnish rockers The Rasmus were forced offstage after just one song after being pelted with mud and bottles by fans.

30/08/2004 02:40