Gal Gadot swears by a ''super simple'' Mediterranean diet to stay on track with her intense training.

The 34-year-old actress will reprise her role in 'Wonder Woman 1984' when the comic book sequel hits the big screen this summer, and to prepare for the movie she undertook an intense training regime which saw her endure sweaty strengthening work in the gym.

However, to make sure other areas of her life were kept simple, she relied on her Israeli roots to ensure her diet maintained her enviable figure.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, she explained: ''I think we tend to make everything much more challenging and difficult than what it should be.

''But for me it's easy, I'm from Israel so I follow a Mediterranean diet - it's super simple for anyone to do.''

A Mediterranean diet has shown it may reduce the risk of developing conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease by sticking to a healthy balance of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, beans, whole grains, and moderate amounts of fish, white meat and dairy products.

Gal added: ''I try to make a huge per cent of the plate veggies, then lean protein, and then a small amount of quality, good carbs. I eat a lot of fish and huge salads with olive oil and lemon.''

However, her exotic diet is not the only thing the wonder woman relies on as she insists on giving her body time to recovery after her sweat-inducing workouts.

She said: ''The recovery piece is very important. I see a lot of physiotherapists -- of course, we foam roll -- but I need someone to go in and dig deep into the muscles.

''I also use a Theragun after working out, and drink a lot of water to release all the toxins -- I find that super important. And, of course, sleep.''