The country singers like to gather with their three girls during the festive season and share stories about the past holidays, and while they are decorating the tree, they like to sing along to Christmas tunes.

Now they will be able to listen to mum and dad's own tunes from their Christmas Together album, which was released last month (Nov16), and add it to their annual holiday rotation.

"We built this CD for one purpose and that's to decorate the tree with our girls," Brooks told U.S. morning show Live with Kelly. "That's our one tradition, as we decorate the tree with our girls. So we might put the tree up and they might be all over the globe. So the tree just stands naked until all five us get together because we've had the same ornaments their whole lives and each one has a story and we have music in the background for that. We cut this record for that whole intention. So this year it was fun... It was one of the best Christmases ever."

"We love Christmas anyway, we love Christmas music, so it's always kind of on shuffle," Trisha added. "You're listening to (Frank) Sinatra, Dean Martin, Rosemary Clooney and now you have a little Garth and Trisha thrown in."

The couple's first joint holiday project shot to the top of America's Top Country Albums charts when it was released, with 21,000 in first-week sales.

Celebrating the success, Garth told Billboard, "We had so much fun making this Christmas album together and we're honoured that people are making our music a part of their holiday season."