Gary Barlow meditates daily.

The 47-year-old singer and songwriter feels meditation has helped to ease the stress of life and thinks setting some time aside for himself has really improved his health.

He said: ''So actually carving out on a daily basis some time to just go, 'I'm either gonna read, or I'm just gonna lie down with a bit of music in my years.' And I love the meditation. I've got into that. But time for you is the important bit I think. We don't really ever stop. We never stop moving. So just like lie on the floor with your feet on the sofa and either just put some classical music on or just something that takes you out of the world for 30 minutes.''

The health-conscious 'Take That' member revealed that clean-eating diet gurus The Hemsley sisters urged him to detox.

He recalled: ''I was drinking about 19 cups of coffee a day and loads of sugar and all these other things. They said, ''We're gonna give you soup for three days and just strip your body of everything. And it was like being on acid. It was beyond a headache. It was like walking on marshmallows. And actually, I was starting to go blind. I started to go, 'I can't see now.'

I mean, it was so bad because I'd just been hooked on this stuff for so long. After about a week, it was nearly a stone. I mean, the weight dropped off me.''

And the 'Rule The World' star also revealed how the hormones released from running helped him lift periods of depression.

Speaking to Fearne Cotton on her brand new podcast 'Fearne Cotton's Happy Place', he shared: ''The day it all sort of started to turn and tip the scales was when I went for a run. I got those lovely endorphins.''