Real estate mogul-turned-U.S. presidential wannabe Trump is currently under fire for lewd remarks he made in an off-camera 2005 chat with former Access Hollywood co-host Billy Bush, which was leaked earlier this month (Oct16).

During the discussion, the Republican politician boasted about being able to "do anything" to women as a celebrity, while also bragging about trying to grope and kiss females he finds attractive.

Trump has since tried to play down the controversy, insisting it was just "locker room talk", but on Monday (17Oct16), Busey was dragged into the ongoing furore after five crew members from The Celebrity Apprentice spoke to about a reported incident involving the Point Break star, while he competed on the show in 2011.

The insiders, which included the alleged victim, spoke on the condition of anonymity, and claimed Busey had "grabbed" the woman "firmly between (the) legs" and touched her breasts while filming the show at a Soho art gallery party in New York City.

According to the outlet, the staff members reported the alleged abuse to show producers and asked for Busey to be removed from the series, but when Trump heard about the incident, he is said to have given the actor "little more than a chuckle and a soft slap on the wrist".

Representatives for Trump and The Celebrity Apprentice have yet to comment on the accusations, but Busey's manager, Ron Sampson, has blasted the claims.

A statement released to The Daily Beast reads: "In response to your ludicrous inquiry, we will not bother and/or disrupt the life of a wonderful 72-year-old man, who has enjoyed a flawless career for over 45 years, to entertain such ridiculous and false accusations. Mr. Busey has better things to do with the rest of his life, like help raise his 6-year-old son, and enjoy his family on his free time."

Sampson goes on to dismiss the allegations as "clearly an attempt to gain 5 minutes of fame for some wannabe", adding, "Or perhaps (it's) a political attempt to drag Mr. Busey in the mud because he has been labeled a supporter of Donald Trump, which is false."

Sampson concludes his response by declaring Busey has no interest in politics, before threatening website editors with legal action.

Busey finished sixth in season 11 of The Celebrity Apprentice, which was eventually won by country music star John Rich.