Gary Numan's new album is ''heavy and miserable''.

The 'Are Friends Electric' hitmaker will release 'Savage', his 21st studio LP, later this year and has told fans it will feature ''horrible'' themes.

He said of the record: ''It's hard to put into words really ... It's another electronic album ... heavy, and miserable lyrics about horrible things you know, lots of death and dying and why I hate God...''

Asked if it features anything about controversial US president Donald Trump, he added: ''Not specifically but the entire theme of the album is based on his attitude to global warming.''

The 59-year-old musician - who has daughters Raven, Persia, and Echo, with wife Gemma - insists he doesn't think about his career ''legacy'' and thinks the idea would be ''damaging'' to his kids, who dream of following in his footsteps.

Asked if he thinks about his legacy, he told BANG Showbiz: ''Not really, no. I never wanted to leave anything behind, I just want to be here, have some fun, go away really.

''I don't want the kids to feel like they have anything to live up to or they would be compared in any way good or bad. ''That's the problem with legacies, it actually creates a wake of damage behind you and it's not always a good thing.

''You see it with racing drivers, you know, a racing driver, a son of a famous racing driver. You think would have a lot of opportunity because of that but it can actually work against you the comparisons and so on. And I think that would be quite difficult, I wouldn't want that but I don't know how you would stop it ''