Gary Numan would be ''very happy'' if his children followed in his footsteps.

The 'Cars' hitmaker's three daughters, Raven, 14, Persia, 11, and 10-year-old Echo - who he has with wife Gemma - are already showing signs of musical talent and he's been allowing them to get involved with his work in small ways, such as appearing in the video to his 2013 track 'Love Hurt Bleed', in order to prepare them for the future.

He said: ''In the future, I'd like Persia to do whatever makes her happy. That's top of my list. And a close second; I'd like her to become a big star.

''Raven is already a great singer and songwriter and Echo is a really good keyboard player.

''If my daughters all want to go into the music business, I'll be very happy.

''I'm letting them get involved in my work projects because it's good fun, it gets them to do things most other kids don't, it gets them used to being around cameras and it broadens their interest.

''So if they do go into it in the future, this should be a good foundation.''

And Gary was very impressed when Persia recently lent her vocals to his single 'My Name Is Ruin', as well as appearing in the video, because her performance was effortless.

He told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''Persia is very young yet she completed the vocals perfectly within 30 minutes.

''She's been out in the desert to make a proper video, which is now shown on TV, and she joined me on stage at recent shows to do that song, never having performed in front of anything like that amount of people.''

The 59-year-old singer is very proud that all three of his daughters are big fans of his music.

He said: ''Luckily they are lovely about it and that's important to me

''They all like other artists too. Ask them who their favourite singer is and they'll say, 'Dad, then Ariana Grande' or vice versa.

''I'm always in their top three - that may be just because I'm their dad but when they're at my gigs they dance around. I'd hate it if they didn't like my music and thought of me as embarrassing.''