Geena Davis and Joan Chen have joined the cast of 'Eve'.

The 'Stuart Little' star and 'Autumn in New York' actress join lead Jessica Chastain and Colin Farrell, Common and John Malkovich in the forthcoming assassin thriller.

Though details of the pair's characters are yet to be revealed, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Davis could be set to play Chastain's alter-ego's mother.

Tate Taylor is directing after bosses were forced to find a new filmmaker following Matthew Newton's decision to step down over concerns about his abusive past.

This isn't the first time Taylor and Chastain, 41, have worked together on the big screen as he previously directed her in 'The Help' back in 2011.

However, Jessica was no doubt devastated when Newton - who also penned the script - was pulled from the film as she was looking forward to working with him.

She said at the time: ''Matthew is wonderfully adept at crafting complex and relatable characters. We've been fans of his work and are so thrilled to be partnering with him and Voltage on 'Eve'.''

Official plot details are still a closely-guarded secret, but Eve (Chastain) is a female assassin who is being hunted by her former employers.

It's not yet known whether bosses will go ahead and use Newton's script.

Meanwhile, Jessica recently lashed out at Hollywood's gender pay gap and insisted she ''isn't afraid'' to speak out against inequality.

She explained: ''It's important to speak out and amplify our imbalance in the moviemaking industry. I have experienced no backlash from anyone since making my views public.

''I certainly wasn't afraid to do it. Glad I did it. It's taken a long time to get this far, and I'm out front for those who cannot speak out. We must turn this around.''