The actress, who played President MACkenzie Allen on TV drama Commander in Chief, is convinced voters were turned off Hillary because they had no reference point of a woman as America's leader.

Clinton, who served as U.S. First Lady when her husband Bill Clinton was President, was beaten in the race to the White House by Republican Donald Trump, and Davis insists filmmakers and studio bosses in Hollywood need to start showing women presidents if they want to have one.

"I always say, 'If they can see it, they can be it'," she writes in a new The Hollywood Reporter essay.

The actress believes young people need to have female role models in positions of power in their films and TV shows, revealing that through her Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, she has commissioned "in-depth analyses of family-rated films and children's TV", adding, "I've been meeting with studios, networks, guilds and production companies - anyone who creates kids' content - to share the research results and encourage a dramatic improvement in the number and quality of female characters..."

"I'm asking you (studio executives) to take out the message in so much of children's media, even for the youngest kids, that women and girls are less important than men and boys because they do less and there are far less of them," she scolds. "It's creating unconscious gender bias from the beginning that's nearly impossible to reverse because we don't even know we have it...

"In the real world, we're not seeing nearly enough women role models in top professions... But get this: However abysmally few women there are in positions of authority in the world, there are far fewer onscreen - where we get to make it up. We are far from progressive in this regard. We're not even reflecting the embarrassing reality, let alone fueling girls' aspirations.

"We simply can't do this anymore. Let's not create one more movie or TV show that trains kids to see girls as 'less than'... If it's not too late, do a gender pass - add female characters or simply cast women in roles written for men. It's easy, and it works... We can create the future now. If they see it, they can be it. We don't just need the first female president, we need it to be just as likely that our president will be a woman as a man."