The 60-year-old actress is no stranger to playing memorable characters on both the silver and small screen, with hits such as Thelma & Louise, Stuart Little and guest appearances in Grey's Anatomy.

However, addressing the ongoing discussion of equality in Hollywood, Geena doesn't agree with current thinking that suggests women don't pull in the box office dollars.

"There’s a general sense just within the United States that movies starring men make more profit," she told The Washington Post. "And the research shows clearly that movies made by or starring or about women are equally profitable once you adjust for the budget. It’s usually big movies that star male characters, it makes it seem like they make more money, but it’s absolutely not true.

"The whole idea that Hollywood seems based on is absolutely not true. I mean, look, Star Wars (The Force Awakens) came out. So, seriously, we should stop having the conversation about whether men will watch women. Star Wars is the biggest movie in the history of the galaxy, and it has a female lead character! Can we all get over this already?"

Geena is determined to make a difference in the industry herself and is launching the Bentonville Film Festival, to help promote the work of females and "diverse voices" in May (16). She also founded The Geena Davis Institute in 2007 to increase the presence of women characters in media targeted at kids, as well as working to reduce the stereotyping of females.

"I’ve had a lot of directors tell me it’s harder to get distribution than to make a movie," she explained. "It’s a really tough nut to crack. "We’re working with all the major studios, they have a presence at the festival, it’s coming up next week.

"Research has already shown that films with more female characters and more diversity make more money. This is the way the world is going. It’s half-female and incredibly diverse."