George Clooney joked it ''kind of hurts'' that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex didn't name their baby after him.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan revealed on Wednesday (08.05.19) that they have called their first son Archie Harrison, and their Hollywood star friend said he was disappointed the newborn wasn't named in his honour.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', he said: ''That kind of hurts... I like it! Archie. It's good!''

The 58-year-old star - who has twins Alexander and Ella, 23 months, with wife Amal - also joked about the connection to Harrison Ford with the middle name, and he joked he planned to rename his daughter in honour of the 'Star Wars' star.

He quipped: ''Well, he was president in a movie, once. And, if you think about it, it IS Harrison Ford. I'm gonna [re]name my daughter Harrison now.''

The 'Catch-22' star has a close friendship with the royal couple - who he watched tie the knot at Windsor Castle last May - but he has suggested it would be a ''bad idea'' if they chose him to be godfather for their four-day-old son Archie at his christening later this year because he already has his hands full with his twins.

He said: ''That would be a bad idea. I shouldn't be the [godfather]. I'm a father of twins I can barely do that.''

Asked if he would turn down the role if it was offered to him, the 58-year-old actor replied: ''I'm not going to be the godfather. I promise you that. I'm fairly sure.''

The duke and duchess announced the birth of Archie on Monday evening but didn't give fans a glimpse of the tiny tot until Wednesday (08.05.19) afternoon.

The doting couple beamed with pride as they posed for a photo call in the grounds of Windsor Castle with their little boy and recalled how ''amazing'' the last two days have been for them.

Meghan, 37, said: ''It's pretty amazing and I have the two best guys in the world so I'm really happy. He has the sweetest temperament, he's really calm. He's just been a dream, it's been a special couple of days.''

Harry, 34, added: ''Parenting is amazing, it's only been two-and-half days, three days, but we're just so thrilled to have our own little bundle of joy and share some precious times with him as he slowly starts to grow up.''