George Clooney tricked his housekeeper into thinking he had eaten out of a dirty nappy.

The 57-year-old actor - who has twins Alexander and Ella, 21 months, with wife Amal - is known for his love of pranks and couldn't resist fooling the staff member with the help of a jar of Nutella chocolate spread.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain', he admitted: ''I was shooting a TV show in Italy and I went and got a new nappy and I put Nutella in it and threw it in the trash can. I came in an hour later and there was an Italian housekeeper in this house that we were staying in...

'''I said 'Amal wants to know if the Alexander did poo poo or pee pee, poo poo or pee pee?'.

''I opened up the trash and got the nappy, I rubbed it in my face and tasted it, and she screamed and ran out of the room.''

And the 'Money Monster' star is hoping to pass on his love of pranks to his children.

He added: ''So I'm going to teach my kids a lot of good tricks.''

While George is a hands-on dad, he still gets freaked out by the ''shocking'' content of their nappies.

He said: ''Three days ago, my children started on what we call solid food...

''I don't know how it goes in as a carrot and it comes out the way it comes out. But it was shocking. It was a horror film. It was terrifying.''

Meanwhile, the former 'E.R.' star ruled out the possibility of ever playing James Bond, insisting he is too old, but he does have an idea on who should be Daniel Craig's successor.

He said: ''I look like James Bond's grandfather.

''I'll say it 1,000 times - Idris Elba should be Bond, period.''