GEORGE LAZENBY has never seen a James Bond film.

The 79-year-old actor portrayed the suave spy in 1069's 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' but admitted he's never been interested in seeing any of the other 23 movies featuring 007.

Speaking about the current Bond, Daniel Craig, he told The Lady magazine: ''I've not seen him. I've never seen any Bond movies. I don't want to go backwards, I want to go forward.''

And despite speculation he was fired from the role, George insisted he ''walked away'' because he was advised the franchise was ''over'' and his image outdated.

He said: ''Everyone thought I'd done one Bond film and failed. They never thought that I could have walked away from it.

''My manager told me James Bond was over. Easy Rider was in, hippies were in.. People were going around in bell-bottom trousers and flowered shirts and I was going around in a suit.

''I'd walk into a restaurant and people would stare. Way out of date, you know. That wasn't rebellion. That was to get laid. If you looked like a short-haired guy wearing a suit, forget it. But a beard and long hair was better than being Bond.''

The Australian star has been single since splitting from his second wife Pam Shriver in 2008 and doesn't think he'll find love again, though he does miss having ''companionship'' in his life.

He said: ''I don't think I'll be with another woman in my lifetime. That was years ago.

''I've been there, done that. I miss the companionship of a relationship. That's why I've got male friends I go drinking with and have fun with. I've got my kids. And that part of me gets fulfilled with the love of my children.''