Bella and Gigi Hadid's fashion tastes are ''constantly evolving'', according to their stylist.

Mimi Cuttrell has worked with the world-famous models over recent years, and claims to know which specific looks are most appropriate for the sisters.

Speaking about whether she knows if a style is more Gigi or Bella-appropriate, Mimi shared: ''I have spent so much time learning my clients' individual likes and dislikes, observing and understanding their personal style, and knowing what works best on their bodies.

''It's difficult to differentiate between the girls in just a few words because their styles are constantly evolving and flowing.

''It has been a pleasure to grow with these two. We've worked together to develop and build on the style they feel most like themselves in.''

The Hadid sisters both have jam-packed working schedules and Mimi - whose client list also includes the likes of Priyanka Chopra and Lily-Rose Depp - always tries to ensure she's available to her employers.

She told Vogue: ''I want to be awake and available no matter what time zone. I make myself available whether that is sending pictures or FaceTiming for any last-minute changes and updates.''

Meanwhile, Mimi also revealed she seeks to stay up-to-date with pop culture in order to inform her style tastes.

She said: ''I try to continuously stay up-to-date on relevant pop culture and news outside of fashion in order to best represent my style and my clients.

''Fashion has the power to be extremely culturally informative, so it's crucial that stylists are aware of what is going on outside of the industry in an effort to best inform our creative process and ultimately our style decisions.''