Gigi Hadid admitted it was an ''honour'' to walk the Victoria's Secret runway with her sister Bella.

The 23-year-old beauty and her 22-year-old sibling both walked in the lingerie brand's annual fashion show in New York City on Thursday (08.11.18) for the first time and found it ''insane'' but also ''emotional'' to take such a high profile job together.

Gigi - who wore a pink floral top, leggings, and boots teamed with a billowing matching parachute instead of wings for one of her runway looks - said: ''It's honestly insane. Being able to look across of the room like this and see your family is a blessing.

''Not just at the VS show, but all over the world, I feel like I get have a piece of home with me. It's also great to be the first sisters in the VS show, and you know, that's really an honour for us. Yeah, it's crazy, but that's really fun for us and it's emotional.''

But Gigi - who also walked in a tartan underwear ensemble - admitted all the models in the show have become like ''sisters'' to her.

Speaking backstage, she told E! News: ''All of the girls are like sisters to me, and sisters to us, and that's what's really fun about it.

''I think other girls see us and they maybe wish they had a sister, but me and Bella always are taking new sisters on a daily basis.''

Gigi tried out for the show three times and was turned away so every year she is chosen, it feels like an ''honour''.

She said: ''That first show was something I'll never forget, and every year, it's still such an honour to chosen again.

''It's interesting because I've been pretty open with my experience with Hashimoto's Disease, my thyroid problem.

''This is the first year that my thyroid is really balanced, so that's really nice for my body.''