Gigi Hadid also confused drag queen Jade Jolie for Taylor Swift during the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) this week.

John Travolta suffered an awards show faux pas on Monday night (26.08.19) when he accidentally went to present Jade with Taylor's Video of the Year accolade for 'You Need to Calm Down' on stage, but it seems he wasn't the only one who got the two stars confused, as Jade has now revealed Taylor's own close pal Gigi made the same mistake.

She said: ''At the after-party Gigi Hadid kept thinking I was Taylor - they're really good friends. The drunker we got, I guess the more Taylor I became for everyone!''

But Jade insists she's honoured by both slip ups, because it means she ''did [her] job right'' in recreating the 29-year-old singer's look.

Speaking to New Now Next about John's initial mistake, Jade said: ''After everything was said and done I kinda giggled about it and people were posting it online. We told Taylor, and she was tickled and thought it was so funny. She joked and was like, 'You totally should have went for it!'

''It was a very sweet and flattering mistake, and I like to think I did my job right and looked just like Taylor.''

Meanwhile, 'Face/Off' star John recently joked it would've been ''awesome'' if he had actually handed the gong to the wrong person.

He said: ''There's so many people that bombarded the stage, that I was looking for [Taylor].

''So the video has me trying to find her, and you know, I thought it was so funny the way it was interpreted.

''And it's cool, I didn't care.

''Sometimes I fantasise, what if I had given it to [Jade]? That would have been awesome. I should have just gone all the way with it.

''I have a sense of humour about all of that - I always have - because, look, we're in pretty good shape on any given day that that kind of thing could make headlines.''