Gigi Hadid lost jewels, clothing, purses and sunglasses in her Mykonos robbery.

The 24-year-old supermodel was on vacation with her siblings Bella, Alana and Marielle Hadid in Greece recently when their rental property was broken into and they were devastated to come back from a day out to find the place had been ransacked and many of their items were stolen.

Sources told TMZ that the girls lost a number of personal items, including clothes and jewels and although they reported the robbery to the police, they have not yet found the culprits.

An insider told the website that they ''suspect an inside job, because house staff had access to the house''.

The robbery led to the Hadids cutting their trip short and the girls chartered a private plane to get home as quickly as possible.

Gigi's father Mohamed told TMZ: ''Nobody got hurt, thank God'' and he added that ''just personal things were taken'', and Bella and Gigi were the only two who got robbed.

Now Gigi has vowed that she is ''never going back'' to Greece after getting robbed.

Posting on her second Instagram account, Gisposable - where she shares images taken on disposable cameras - she wrote: ''Mykonos film in. PS(A). Don't let insta fool u. Got robbed. Never going back lol. Wouldn't recommend. Spend your money elsewhere. (sic)''