Gillian Anderson felt ''privileged and humbled'' after being given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The 49-year-old actress was honoured at the ceremony on Monday (08.01.18) and says it was an ''incredible honour''.

Speaking after the ceremony, Gillian shared: ''It's an incredible honour, I feel very privileged and humbled by it.''

In her speech at the event, Gillian also paid tribute to her 'X-Files' character and spoke of the ''good fortune of securing the role, adding: ''A woman who wasn't just the object of man's desire but a strong-willed, smart, brave woman who was career-driven and fiercely independent.

''A young woman yet to be depicted on TV and, as the fan response would soon prove, a desperately needed role model for women of all ages everywhere, who it turns out were simply not seeing themselves represented.''

Gillian's co-star David Duchovny was not able to make the event itself but he did send a message to the blonde star.

David said, ''We will always be joined as partners, friends and now neighbours,'' referencing how their stars on the Walk of Fame are placed next to one another.

Ahead of Gillian being given the honour, she was introduced by Joel McHale, who was in the 2016 series of 'The X-Files'.

He told the crowd that had gathered: ''Nobody is as good of an actor, her success is uncanny, she's a cultural icon.''