Gina Rodriguez says her ''main goal'' for her new Netflix film 'Someone Great' was inclusivity.

The 34-year-old actress served as producer on the streaming service's recent film which follows a music journalist who recruits her two best friends for one last outrageous adventure in New York City after being dumped - and revealed that her biggest aim was to make the cast as diverse as possible.

Speaking to Variety, she said: ''One of my main goals as a producer was to bring on a very inclusive cast -- to have the cast look like the world I walk through.''

The 'Jane the Virgin' star also expressed how ''blessed'' she is to have a slew of A-list friends who were happy to be on board with the project.

She gushed: ''I was blessed to have a lot of great friends participate in this: Rosario Dawson jumped in for me, Lakeith Stanfield was so phenomenal.

''I was incredibly grateful to those who did that for me, including RuPaul and Questlove. There was a lot of passion for this project.''

The 'Big Mouth' star went on to explain that she wants to explore more minority characters and hopes audiences will view more diverse projects with ''open hearts and minds''.

She said: ''I want to tell the stories that haven't been told, I want to tell them with people you haven't seen yet, and I want to open hearts and minds to more tolerance.''

Gina added that she's hopeful her films can be ''healing'' and is ''looking to the future''.

She explained: ''I think that art has the ability to create healing, so those are the kind of movies I want to make. I definitely am looking to my future.''