Gina Rodriguez has shared an emotional tribute to 'Jane the Virgin' following the show's conclusion.

The 35-year-old actress bowed out of her titular role as Jane Gloriana Villanueva in the CW satirical series' finale on Wednesday night (31.07.19), and she has thanked her ''incredible'' co-stars for becoming her ''family''.

She wrote on Instagram: ''Jane the Virgin. Wow. We started shooting the first season of Jane in July 2014. A few days into shooting I turned 30 on set. Yesterday I turned 35. And today is the very last episodes, 99 and 100 airing of Jane The Virgin. Five years. Five years of love, laughter, growth, pain, surprises, deaths, new births and a s**t ton of memories. To my warriors who have supported me from day one, Thank you. I am able to live out my dream career because of you and I will never stop making art to bring Joy and Laughter into your home/train ride/plane ride or classroom! Art is my savior. Art is what makes me feel like I can fly. Thank you to Jennie for making me your Jane and to the incredible cast for becoming my family. I will always love you Jane. Hope you tune in tonight and enjoy our goodbye! (sic)''

The show ended after five series, and in the finale it was finally revealed Jane and Rafael Solano's (Justin Baldoni) son Mateo is the narrator.

'Jane the Virgin' creator Jennie Snyder Urman told Vanity Fair: ''He was always going to be the narrator.''

Executive producer Brad Silberling previously confirmed the show would come to an end after five seasons.

He said: ''Yes, we are heading into the final season.

''It is a wonderful final season of the show ... this will only make real sense when you have seen the content of the fifth season of the show. It is exactly as it was laid out.

''We've always known when it was going to end. It will be 100 episodes when it's done and 100 is exactly where Jennie always hoped it could end the story. So it's perfect.''