According to the birth certificate, the stars' baby boy, Hugo Wilson Dallas, arrived on 1 June (16), but the happy news took a week to emerge.

Little Hugo is the couple's second child - his big brother Oliver was born in 2014.

Goodwin and Dallas are living a real-life fairytale after meeting and falling in love on the set of fantasy TV series Once Upon a Time, on which they portray Snow White and Prince Charming.

Ginnifer recently confessed she was struggling with her second pregnancy, revealing she was absolutely exhausted all the time, and now had the utmost respect for mums-to-be who have to look after a toddler.

She also told People magazine she had developed a craving for watermelon popsicles, rolling her eyes in delight and stating, "They're sweet and refreshing and wonderful".

Little Oliver was doing his best to keep mum amused as she battled fatigue: "He definitely understands the concept of a baby,” she explained. "He pulls up my shirt every day and pats my belly and says, ‘Hello baby!’ We kept telling him, 'Your brother can hear you', so he just pushes his face into my belly and talks."

Despite the tiredness and the strain, the mum-to-be admitted she loves being a parent.

"My husband and I were talking the other day and saying, 'Remember the days when we would just go to the movies and read a book and just take a nap? All of the free time we took for granted?'" she chuckles. "My husband said, 'And we would give it all up, all over again, for that look on his (son's) face after he has been dunked in the swimming pool and he just comes up out of the water with pure joy on his face'."