The actor died aged 61 on 25 February (17), following complications from surgery. He starred in HBO series Big Love from 2006 to 2011 alongside a star-studded cast including Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer, with the actress remembering Bill fondly as she attended the Academy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday (26Feb17).

"Bill was, I can say, more alive than the others, so his not being part of the world is hard to comprehend," she told Entertainment Tonight. "He was a good friend and had a huge heart."

Ginnifer was so heartbroken by the sad news of Bill's passing she almost opted against attending the Oscars. However, her husband and Once Upon A Time co-star Josh Dallas, convinced her otherwise.

"Josh reminded me of two things this morning when I frankly didn’t want to come tonight because it felt wrong somehow. Josh said (Bill) loved everything in Hollywood history and everything with Hollywood tradition and he would've been so furious with me if I didn’t come celebrate," she smiled. "And also, you can always see a piece of his big heart somewhere in all of his characters - even in his villains. And so to pop one of his movies into the DVD player is to hang out with him and I can do that whenever I need that Bill hang."

Bella Thorne made a name for herself in one of her first roles in the series, in which she starred as Bill's onscreen daughter. And the now 19-year-old actress took to Instagram to share a picture of the actor, alongside a sweet tribute.

"Oh my goodness...I don't even know what to say thank you bill for being such a good tv dad to me and spreading love on every set you work thoughts and prayers go out to your family. We love you #billpaxton #rip," she wrote.

Aaron Paul was another famous face who appeared on Big Love, playing Scott Quittman in 14 episodes before landing his career-making role in Breaking Bad.

After hearing of Bill's death, Aaron wrote on Twitter: "Bill Paxton was hands down one of the greatest guys that I have ever met," Paul posted on Twitter. I feel lucky to have called him my friend. Bill, I love you. RIP."