Giuliana Rancic's breast cancer battle made her realise she's a ''strong chick.''

The former 'E! News' presenter, who celebrated her fifth year being cancer-free in December, says her diagnosis made her realise it was time to leave Los Angeles and reduce her workload to spend more time with her husband, Bill Rancic, and their four-year-old son, Duke.

Asked how her life has changed, the 42-year-old star said: ''The biggest [thing] has been pulling back on the day-to-day work life so that I could move to Chicago and be able to take Duke to school every day.''

The 'Fashion Police' co-host also thinks she is ''much stronger than I was before.''

She explained: ''I used to think I was strong, but I didn't realise how strong I could be. I remember a great quote that I used to always look at; something along the lines of, ' You realize your true strength when you have no other choice but to be strong.'

''I had no choice, and I realised, 'Wow, I'm a strong chick.' That was one of the positives of breast cancer, that realisation, because it has helped me go through other things these past five years.''

Giuliana says motherhood has completely changed her perspective on life too.

In an interview with Bill for Michigan Avenue magazine, she said: ''Every day, it's something new and adorable. It's a type of joy you just don't get anywhere else. I love to laugh, as you know, and I laugh my whole life. Italian family, lots of laughter. But the kind of laugh that I experience when my son makes me laugh is unlike anything I've ever experienced. When I look at him I see you, and you're an amazing dad, the best dad I could have dreamed of. I just feel like my life's complete. Things change, but right now life is beautiful.''