Glenda Jackson turned down Dame Judi Dench's role in the Bond franchise.

The 82-year-old actress has revealed she was offered the chance to star as M in the money-spinning film franchise, but Glenda rejected the role because she found it to be too boring.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Glenda was asked whether she envied the likes of Dame Judi and Maggie Smith for their success with the Bond and Harry Potter franchises, and she replied: ''No, I was offered M, or whatever part Judi played in the Bond films.''

Glenda also argued that there are too few roles for older women in Hollywood.

Responding to suggestions that older actresses are in high demand, Glenda - who has also served as a Member of Parliament in the UK - explained: ''Oh come on, no they're not. I'm sorry, they're not.

''I mean, why is it that contemporary dramatists don't find women interesting. That has never since I first set foot on a stage.''

Meanwhile, Danny Boyle is set to direct the next film in the Bond series.

And Naomie Harris - who stars as Miss Moneypenny in the iconic film franchise - is excited about the prospect of working with the acclaimed filmmaker.

Asked what she knows about the upcoming movie, she shared: ''I know it's going later in the year and released next year.

''I know quite excitingly that Daniel [Craig] is definitely back and I've heard that Danny Boyle is attached as director. Who knows.''