Glenn Close found it ''very special'' to share her role in 'The Wife' with her daughter.

The 71-year-old actress has won praise for her portrayal of Joan Castleman in the movie, and she was very proud with the work her daughter Annie Maude Starke put into playing the younger version of the character.

She told Closer magazine: ''It was very special, because she really had to lay down the foundations of the character.

''There was more of a back story to young Joan in that she came from a very wealthy New York family and she fell in love with her professor who was married and it was all a big scandal.''

Glenn is hotly tipped for the Best Actress statuette at the upcoming Academy Awards, and after six other previous nominations in the past, she believes it's the role, rather than the performance that captures the attention of the academy.

She said of her nominations: ''They're the best parts I've been given. I have a theory about the Oscars - I think a lot of times it's the role.

''If you're lucky enough to get a role where you can show what you can do, people pay more attention.''

The 'Dangerous Liaisons' actress doesn't think she's particularly like any of the characters she's played over the years.

She explained: ''I don't think I'm like any of my characters. I'm not a hugely social person. I've accepted the fact I'm basically an introvert and that's OK.''