Glenn Close thinks it's a myth that women lose their ''sexuality'' as they get older.

The 71-year-old actress - who has been married and divorced four times - has insisted that her sexuality has not been diminished by the passing of time.

The Hollywood legend shared: ''It's one of the great myths that you lose your sexuality as you get older. One night last year, I was coming across town from the East Village [in New York City] to the West. It was late on a Friday night and there were a lot of couples on the street. [Her dog] Pippy and I were looking out of the car window and I could feel what all those couples were feeling.''

Glenn explained that in spite of her age, she could still relate to the ''sense of intimacy'' that she witnessed on the streets of New York.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, the veteran actress said: ''I could feel their excitement, the sense of intimacy about to happen. It was extremely powerful.''

Meanwhile, Glenn also revealed she thinks it will be ''fascinating'' to observe the impact of the #MeToo movement.

The 'Fatal Attraction' actress hopes that the fallout from the Hollywood sex scandal will prompt a cultural shift within the movie business.

She said: ''I think the effect of it all will be fascinating to see.

''When women have more of a chance, all these great stories are going to come out. And it won't just be about them. I long for the day when people say, 'This is a fantastic movie,' rather than, 'This is a fantastic women's movie.'

''We have to keep the issue of the empowerment of women at the forefront because it's something that won't become part of our culture unless a lot of people fight for it.''