Glenn Close says the Me Too movement brings another dimension to 'The Wife'.

The 71-year-old actress and team behind the critically-acclaimed movie could never have predicted how the movie had fitted in so well with the current movement against sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Speaking on the red carpet at the EE British Academy Film Awards on Sunday night (10.02.19), she said: ''That's another thing you just can't plan because we filmed it in the fall of 2016 and it was held for a year by Sony and meanwhile, the Me Too movement started up and all these issues around women and all that. This movie just adds to that dialogue.''

Whilst her co-star Jonathan Pryce joked that ''any sympathy'' for the husband - which he plays in the movie - had just ''melted away overnight''.

And Glenn was full of praise for Jonathan and his work in the movie.

She added: ''I have to say that Jonathan breaks my heart in this film. It is a complicit relationship they have and it's something they kind of slip into and I have to say, the whole sequence at the Nobel prize, what you did was so profound and heartbreaking. It's incredible.''

Meanwhile, Glenn previously revealed she hopes her part in 'The Wife' will encourage studios to make more women-centric movies.

She said: ''I've been a part of two films that took 14 years to make. The first one was 'Albert Nobbs' and the second was 'The Wife'. It was actually hard to find actors who wanted to be in a movie called 'The Wife'. It's two women writers. And, you know, starring a woman. No one wanted to make it and, most of the money, if not all the money, came from Europe.''