Tributes to the writer Gore Vidal have been flooding in from the editorial and publishing world following the essayist, author and political commentator's passing away aged 86 on Tuesday (July 31st). Vidal was a man known for his many rivalries, including perhaps most famously a bitter feud with Norman Mailer, but he also had fans in abundance, many of whom have been giving their respects throughout the week.

"Gore Vidal was the last surviving giant of a post-war crop of American literary giants," said Gerald Howard, the executive editor and vice president at Doubleday, and Gore's editor for more than a decade. "He was also that rare American writer who spoke not just to his countrymen but to the entire world, which listened closely to what he had to say." Michael Coffey, editorial co-director of Publisher's Weekly, said that one of Vidal's strongest abilities was to be able to tell the story rather than just reporting the facts. "Despite all that productivity he was able to step outside and into the public arena and comment on politics and culture in a very lucid and entertaining way," he commented.

Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter meanwhile admitted that he was a divisive character, but "Whether you agreed with him or not, you always had to concede that he got his point across with the utmost elegance." One thing is clear, with Vidal's passing, the world has become, as Howard put it, "a duller place."