Gay Gossip star Beth Ditto dated a male school friend for three years - because it stopped other men hitting on her.
The Standing in the Way of Control singer realised she was homosexual at the age of 15, and took drastic action to avoid attracting the attention of teenage boys.
She targeted a male pal who she was convinced was gay - and stayed in a relationship with him for three years.
Ditto tells Germany's In Touch magazine, "I started to hate the friends of my girl friends and was really jealous. I realised that I don’t fancy men. I went out with a boy for three years when I was at school but I was actually just dating him because I thought he was gay."
And the heavyweight singer also shatters the myth that she is fat and proud - insisting she hates her rotund frame.
She adds, "I’m just not happy with how I look. Especially my weight. I’m only 5ft 2in but weigh 238lbs. I want to accept myself as I am and don’t change myself. Life is too short for that."