Gossip star Beth Ditto is struggling to adjust to her newfound fortunes after growing up poor, admitting she now embarks on frenzied shopping sprees to ensure she is always stocked up.
Ditto and her six siblings were raised in Arkansas by their single mum, before the singer moved out at 13 to live with her aunt, and she admits it's now a shock to have money in her bank account.
She says, "It took me a long time to realise we were living in poverty because I knew so many people who were worse off than us. Yeah, we didn't have a telephone for most of my childhood. Being afraid that you'd come home and the water would be cut off. We weren't neglected, but there just was not enough.
"I'm so used to identifying with poverty but I'm not poor any more and I hate it when people with money act like they're poor. For a long time I just didn't identify with being a middle-class person, but I'm learning how to do that."
And Ditto reveals she has taken to buying in bulk to prepare for the worst while she is able to afford it.
She adds, "People do give me stuff but I have scarcity issues. I'm just like, I need as many pairs of socks as I can buy, while I have the money. And underwear. And crackers. I buy crackers like they're going out of style. Like an old lady after the Depression. I'm just afraid of not having enough."