OUTKAST star ANDRE 3000 has been named the world's best-dressed man by a British men's magazine.

The 30-year-old singer is renowned for his outrageous fashion statements - he wore a startling lime green jacket at the 2004 Grammy Awards, candy apple red fur for the VH1 BIG IN 2003 ceremony and a pink-on-pink ensemble for the 2003 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS.

But NICK SULLIVAN, ESQUIRE magazine's fashion director, insists the list is more about personal style than a celebrity stylist's style.

Sullivan explains, "He's a complete individual. But that's really the point.

"He's probably worn his most outrageous when he's in a video or on stage."

Andre claims his fashion inspiration include clothes from period movie such as Legends of the Fall and The Great Gatsby and the "old men" in his neighbourhood.

He explains, "They're kind of like a uniform, which I've always been into. To me, that's real style, anything that feels comfortable and expresses your personality and makes you stand a little taller."

The hip-hop guru also has his own clothing line ANDREBENJAMIN.

Although the magazine has compiled best-dressed lists in the past, this year's list is the first worldwide affair.

Other best-dressed men include PRINCE FELIPE of Spain, Afghanistan President HAMID KARZAI and San Francisco mayor GAVIN NEWSOM.

11/08/2004 17:15