Review of A Word In Edgeways Album by Greg Holden

Review of Greg Holden's album A Word In Edgeways

Greg Holden A Word In Edgeways Album

Greg Holden is an example of what can be achieved by chasing your dreams; having relocated from his Lancashire roots to New York, he has released this debut album and has a residency at the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC during January 2010.

Blending folk melodies and pop hooks, Holden is musically pitched as a more invigorating Jack Johnson, though lyrically he is a man of melancholy and doubt. 'The Chase' is the perfect example, flowing breezily like The Kooks at their best, but the narrator is clearly in a state of discontent. 'Both' is a mid-tempo acoustic offering with the tale of failed relations and is particularly affecting due to the impassioned and honest delivery of the vocals. The latter lays an atmosphere to suit the subject matter and other stripped down offerings such as 'Alright Sir?' are similarly stirring, but Holden is equally adept at creating a good listen with more energy, such as on 'Days' and 'I Ask You This'.

Clocking in at under half an hour 'A Word In Edgeways' quickly runs through, but repeat listens are not out of the question - as albums go, this is most certainly short but sweet.

Alex Lai

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