Guy Pearce suffered with suicidal thoughts after his marriage broke down.

The 50-year-old actor has revealed he was beside himself when he split up with his spouse Kate in 2015 following 18 years of marriage and, at one point, even considered walking out in a front of a car because he didn't think life was worth living.

Speaking to Australia's Herald Sun newspaper, he said: ''I had a little period in the middle of 2015 where I was staggering across busy streets in Berlin where I thought'' 'If I get knocked down by a car, that will be an easy way out.'

''I wasn't wanting that but I think probably like Jeff Buckley when he went swimming in Wolf River that time: 'If a current takes me down then so be it.'

''I was literally sitting there for hours at night, drinking, playing chords over and over and crying and crying -- it was really pathetic.''

His depressive thoughts will no doubt come as a surprise to fans as he admitted at the time that him and Kate were still good friends and they'll always love each other.

He said at the time in a statement: ''Kate and I will always love and support one another and be the best of friends. No one knows me like Kate does, and we'll forever be appreciative of our mutual respect. We've both grown enormously through our relationship, but sadly, the time has come to part ways.''

In the 18 years they were husband and wife, the couple never had any children and Guy previously revealed he didn't think he suited to fatherhood.

However, that all changed when he met Carice van Houten while filming Western film 'Brimstone' in late 2015 and they now have 21-month-old son Monte together.