Charlie Hunnam says 'The Gentlemen' will be ''vintage Guy Ritchie''.

In recent years, the 50-year-old director has helmed blockbusters such as 'Sherlock Holmes' and his next release will be Disney's highly-anticipated live-action 'Aladdin' remake.

However, Charlie - who starred as Arthur in Guy's 2017 film 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' - has hinted that the filmmaker will be returning to his roots with the British crime thriller and compared the upcoming flick to the directors early work such as 'Snatch' and 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'.

Speaking at STX Entertainment's presentation at CinemaCon, the 'Sons of Anarchy' star said: ''When I read the script, it's sort of vintage Guy Ritchie. I grew up on 'Snatch' and 'Lock, Stock...' so when he sent me this script and invited me to be a part of it, I just jumped at the chance.''

The film - formerly known as 'Toff Guys' and 'Bush' - has been described as a crime-laden tale about a ''very British drug lord'' intent on selling off his fortune, and having plenty of trouble doing it.

The movie will also star Henry Golding, Hugh Grant, Matthew Mcconaughey, Colin Farrell, Jeremy Strong and Michelle Dockery and Henry echoed Charlie's sentiments insisting that the filmmaker has an ''iconic'' way of making films.

He said: ''He's got such an iconic way about him; he really sort of created a lot of that sort of genre and camera movement.''

Charlie, 38, continued: ''He's very sort of immersive in his process, he needs to be there on set with his actors to fully realise, even though he's written the script, to realise what it's gonna be. It evolves very, very rapidly through the course of the day. It's really remarkable to watch him work in real time. There's many scenes in this film that were excellent on the page, but the entire thing got thrown out in the morning and he just starts writing and we started improvising and playing ... and the whole thing has been re-imagined.''