Gwendoline Christie's role on 'Game of Thrones' ''squeezed every last drop'' out of her.

The 40-year-old actress - who plays Brienne of Tarth in the HBO fantasy series - feels ''emotional'' saying goodbye to the show and admits it was ''a lot'' of work during the final series.

Asked if she agreed with Kit's comments that the workload ''seemed to be designed to break us'', she told The Guardian's Weekend magazine: ''It was just a lot, a lot, a lot. It was a lot! ... I agree with Kit. They squeezed the orange. Every last drop of juice out of that orange! And just a husk was left behind ... That character has changed my life. I feel emotional. I feel emoji - the tears straight down, and the scream [ones].''

Gwendoline previously confessed starring in 'Game of Thrones' helped her deal with body insecurities.

She said: ''I remember when I had my hair cut off, the armour, the mud ... I completely changed the way that I looked. I knew I had to overcome the things that I was uncomfortable with, like my androgyny, my height, my physical strength, feeling like an outsider, being told I was an outsider. It's definitely given me more confidence.''

Gwendoline is sworn to secrecy on what is in store for her 'Game of Thrones' character in the upcoming final 13 episodes but did give some clues.

She explained: ''I have to speak generally. 'Game of Thrones' is famous for different characters coming together with unlikely consequences. And what's recurrent in Brienne's life is forming relationships with people that start with an opposing force, then a begrudging mutual respect and, out of that, a deep respect and pure love. That happens again this season. Brienne will realise a deep alliance.''