Veteran actor Hal Holbrook jumped at the chance to star in recent movie Into The Wild - because the story about the life of a tragic adventurer reminded him of his own son's experiences. Into The Wild tells the true story of Chris MCCandless, who hiked into the wilds of Alaska in 1992 and is believed to have died after eating poisonous berries. Holbrook, 82, immediately agreed to appear in director Sean Penn's film when he was offered the part, because the story recalled his own son's wandering spirit 30 years ago. He says, "My son did something similar. He was on the road for two years, living outdoors, looking for something. "Even when he came to L.A., he lived outside in a sleeping bag - and I don't mean on the lawn, I mean alongside the highway. I was busy, doing jobs and travelling, and couldn't really spend the time with him I should have. "You have to spend a lot of years repairing something like that, and we have."