The rocker, real name Mark Berry, and his bandmate Shaun Ryder were once known as two of British music's most hedonistic stars, but after years of hard living, in 2013 Mark moved to live part-time in a commune near Swansea, Wales and took up beekeeping.

The 51-year-old, who now grows crops and keeps bees on land near Hereford, England, says his decision to radically alter his lifestyle was brought on by the pain of the joint condition, and a realisation that he was living unhealthily.

"I was falling to bits from arthritis, my knees were killing me, my bones hurt through numerous motorcycle accidents, I was falling into chronic drug taking through boredom," he tells Britain's Q magazine. "I had to change my life. Now I feel like a brand new machine."

The star also believes one simple remedy which helps him stay healthy is ensuring his body has plenty of Vitamin C, adding, "It cures every disease known to man, it helps your body cope with any infection. I'm planning to live to be 140."