Happy Mondays' Bez only takes ''organic drugs'' now.

The 52-year-old percussionist and dancer - known for his exuberant dance moves on stage with the rock band, fronted by his friend Shaun Ryder - and his bandmates had a reputation for being one of the hardest partying bands of all time and no substance was off limits from ecstasy tablets to LSD to heroin to crack cocaine.

Nowadays, Bez - real name Mark Berry - has turned his back on illegal substances and now will only get high on pure drugs.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, he said: ''I've not actually stopped taking drugs, but only if they're organic will they get into my system now.''

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner admits his and Shaun's drug-taking resulted in a lot of hilarious moments especially before gigs.

Recalling an early TV performance for the 'Kinky Afro' hitmakers when they were supporting New Order at the now closed-down Hacienda club in Manchester, England, Bez shared: ''I'd scored a lot of black microdots. So me and Shaun were tripping our heads off. Shaun turned round and said, 'I can't go on, Bez! You're gonna have to come on with me.' So I ended up on stage tripping my nut off, shaking this maraca.''

The Happy Mondays still tour now and Bez is committed to dancing as wildly as ever because he is ''trying to portray the rebellious, f***ed-up attitude of the ecstasy, acid generation'' as he reflected upon a time where the drugs hit him and Shaun hard as they performed when they performed at a gig in Manchester.