LATEST: Harrods boss MOHAMED AL-FAYED has filed an invasion of privacy suit against American TV network CBS for airing pictures from the crash that killed his son DODI and Princess Diana.

The Egyptian businessman was horrified when he heard that CBS' 48 HOURS INVESTIGATES news programme were planning to air the photographs, taken by paparazzi at the Paris, France, crash site for the first time as part of a DIANA'S SECRETS news special.

Al-Fayed refused to take part in the show, and now he has hired California law firm MAYER, GLASSMAN + GAINES to push for a jury trial.

In legal papers filed last week (ends23APR04), Al-Fayed also claims "negligent infliction of emotional distress and instructive relief".

He claims he "suffered great mental anguish and suffering, humiliation and embarrassment" after witnessing the "offensive and objectionable" footage.

27/04/2004 21:25