The crooner admits all the things he hates about appearing on other people's chat shows have been axed from his programme, which debuts in America later this year.

"I hate the pre-interviews and I would tell them (crew members), 'Do we have to do them?' and they said I had to do them," he tells WENN. "So they would say, 'What happened on the road?' and I would say, 'There was a raccoon on the bus', or whatever the story was. Then you're waiting in some cases for the host to say, 'Didn't a raccoon show up on your bus?'

"There are some hosts that are really, really good at that kind of thing but I wanted to be the type of host that wants to learn about you today, in the moment. It's my job to know everything about that person. I think of it like, 'What are we gonna talk about?'"

The It Had to Be You singer also insists there won't be any silly games on his show, adding, "You won't see us playing games. Not to disparage people who play games; that's a whole different kind of thing and games are awesome but it's just not what we're doing. Games are always about the host and never about the guest.

"My name is already on the marquis, so if you're there it's 100 per cent about you. You can be assured that my job is to make you feel like the king of the world."