The Hollywood veteran's 50th fell shortly after the September 11th attacks in 2001 and he was working when he turned 60 in 2011.

"My 50th was right around 9/11 and so no one was in a partying mood and that was gonna be the big one," Harry, who is married to U.S. TV favourite Lisa Rinna, tells WENN. "I had a huge party planned and we abandoned those plans because it just was not right. Then I was working during my 60th.

"Hopefully, if I'm not working in October for my 65th I will have the celebration."

And the milestone birthday might come with a big move to the Big Apple from the family home in California.

"I've done three Broadway plays and limited commitments, like the revival of Chicago, knowing it wouldn't be more than five months, but I want to do more," the Mad Men star explains. "I made a commitment to my kids that I was not gonna leave L.A. for more than a couple of weeks until they left and were in college.

"Lisa and I were recently in New York City looking at schools and talking about coming back to New York and getting a place here; keeping our place in L.A. but moving to New York for a decade, and seeing what that would be like. I'm offered plays a lot and I have to turn them down because I'm not gonna leave home."