Harry Styles' relationship with Los Angeles has ''changed''.

The 'Sign of the Times' singer has sold his US abode to move back to London but he has insisted he isn't ''over'' the city, he simply needed something else for his life.

He said: ''I'm not over LA.

''My relationship with LA changed a lot. What I wanted from LA changed.''

In January, Harry spent most of the month in Tokyo and found it incredibly beneficial to take a break on his own away from recording his upcoming second album.

He said: ''I needed time to get out of that album frame-of-mind of: 'Is it finished? Where am I at? What's happening?' I really needed that time away from everyone.

''I was kind of just in Tokyo by myself.

''It was just a positive time for my head and I think that impacted the album in a big way.''

After Fleetwood Mac performed in London in June, Harry invited singer Stevie Nicks and a few of her friends to his house to listen to his new record at midnight and though he was ''nervous'' about what his mentor might think of the songs, her approval meant a lot to him.

He said: ''It's a double-edged thing. You're always nervous when you are playing people music for the first time.

''You've heard it so much by this point, you forget that people haven't heard it before. It's hard to not feel like you've done what you've set out to do.

''You are happy with something and then someone who you respect so much and look up to is, like: 'I really like this.'

''It feels like a large stamp [of approval]. It's a big step towards feeling very comfortable with whatever else happens to it.''