Harry Styles' alleged stalker has been found guilty.

A man who camped outside the North London home of the One Direction star for several months has been found guilty of stalking the singer, a jury at Hendon Magistrates' Court found on Monday (14.10.19).

Harry, 25, had initially offered to buy Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, 26, food after he saw him sleeping rough outside his home in March, as he said he was ''sad to see someone so young sleeping rough''.

After purchasing him sandwiches, salads, and muffins, Harry tried to stop contacting Pablo, but the man continued to camp outside the star's home, and allegedly posted notes into Harry's letterbox.

The 'Sign of the Times' singer told District Judge Nigel Deane he now locks his bedroom door every night out of fear of being stalked by Pablo, whom he said displayed ''erratic and frightening'' behaviour.

Despite being found guilty of stalking, Pablo insists that was never his intention, and says he doesn't ''have any feelings'' for the singer.

When asked whether he had stalked the 'Lights Up' hitmaker, the man said: ''That was never my intention. In the end I just wanted the money he offered me.

''I don't have any feelings for him. I'm not in love with him.''

Pablo will be sentenced on October 21.

Meanwhile, Harry recently said he chose to move back to London after living in Los Angeles because his ''relationship'' with the US city has ''changed''.

He said: ''I'm not over LA.

''My relationship with LA changed a lot. What I wanted from LA changed.''

In January, Harry spent most of the month in Tokyo and found it incredibly beneficial to take a break on his own away from recording his upcoming second album.

He said: ''I needed time to get out of that album frame-of-mind of: 'Is it finished? Where am I at? What's happening?' I really needed that time away from everyone.

''I was kind of just in Tokyo by myself.

''It was just a positive time for my head and I think that impacted the album in a big way.''