Harvey Weinstein has been accused of raping a woman in Los Angeles, and ''threatening her life'' if she told anyone.

The disgraced movie mogul is already facing five counts relating to sexual assault in an ongoing trial in Manhattan, which began on Monday (06.01.20), and on the same day, new charges were placed against him on the other side of America in Los Angeles.

Following the news of the LA charges, information regarding one alleged victim has been released, which states the unnamed woman claims Weinstein raped her in her hotel room following a Hollywood film festival in 2013.

The woman says she delayed telling anyone because he ''threatened her life'' if she did.

According to People magazine, the allegation was detailed in paperwork filed on Monday in Los Angeles County, where the prosecutor announced four new felony sexual assault charges involving two alleged victims.

The paperwork states that the alleged victim - identified as ''Jane Doe 1'' - returned to her hotel room after the film festival on February 17 2013, and Weinstein knocked her hotel room door some time later.

She let him in and they spoke briefly, before Weinstein allegedly ''attacked Jane Doe 1, forcing her to orally copulate him, digitally penetrating her vagina and raping her.''

The document continues: ''Jane Doe 1 alleges that she delayed disclosure of this assault, in part, because the defendant threatened her life if she disclosed.''

In further documents, it is stated that the second accuser - known as ''Jane Doe 2'' - agreed to attend a business meeting with Weinstein at a west Los Angeles hotel on February 19 2013, where they spoke briefly in a common area before Weinstein allegedly ''convinced'' the woman and her female acquaintance to accompany him to his hotel suite.

Jane Doe 2 then allegedly ''unwittingly followed him into the hotel bathroom,'' and after her acquaintance shut the door behind her, ''Jane Doe 2 was unable to open the door''.

The documents then state: ''The defendant took off his clothes, showered briefly and then positioned himself between Jane Doe 2 and the door. While naked, he moved towards her, keeping himself between her and the door and preventing her from leaving. She laughed from shock as the defendant took down her dress. He turned her around and held her in place by her breasts as he masturbated until he ejaculated on the floor. Once he ejaculated on the floor, he allowed Jane Doe 2 to leave.''

Weinstein has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.