Harvey Weinstein's former assistant wore two pairs of tights to work to try and stop his advances.

The disgraced movie mogul's former assistant Rowena Chiu has revealed she'd go to great lengths to stop Weinstein, who she claimed was ''either naked or just dressed in a robe that was gaping open'' all the time.

She said: ''He would typically be either naked or just dressed in a robe that was gaping open. He would frequently ask me to be dressed in less clothes, and he would ask me to take off layers of clothes. He would try to cajole you into taking off a pair of tights or allowing him to take off a pair of tights, and he would do that and he would be, ;I don't understand why you're wearing so many layers. Come on, let's relax a bit, let's have fun.' He would say, it's warm in the hotel room, and I'd be more comfortable if I took off some layers of clothes which I was reluctant to do. He would request massages for sure. He would ask me to massage him. He would ask to massage me. So yes, things got physical very quickly as well.''

Rowena was disgusted by Harvey's advances but felt she had to continue to work for him as she struggled to get another job, but has now described the incidents as ''a bit of a game [and] a power play''.

Speaking in an interview with Dr. Oz, she added: ''You could lose a second pair of tights and so on and he would talk about that and he would try to get me to take them off or he would try to take them off himself. So it was a bit of a game, a power play if you will, where it's a struggle between something that I'm reluctant to do and something that he is keen to have me wearing as little clothes as he.''

Weinstein is currently in court, facing charges for predatory sexual assault, a criminal sexual act, first-degree rape and third-degree rape, but he has denied all wrongdoings.