Hayden Christensen has confirmed he's in talks to resurrect his 2008 sci-fi film JUMPER for a "dark" new sequel.
The actor starred opposite his former fiancee Rachel Bilson as a young boy with the ability to teleport himself across the world, but the film disappointed at the box office and received a slew of scathing reviews from critics.
However, Christensen has revealed he is in negotiations to reprise his role for an edgy follow-up.
He tells MTV.com, "We're talking about it right now actually. Hopefully (it will go) somewhere a little darker. I think there's a lot you can do with it."
And the actor reveals producers might persuade Twilight star Kristen Stewart to reprise her role as his onscreen sister for the sequel.
He adds, "It was sort of set up in a way it's gonna be mother hunting son and possibly even maybe sister hunting brother. We're talking about it, trying to figure it out."