Successful efforts by publicists and friends of Heath Ledger to force two celebrity gossip television shows to yank a two-year-old video showing Ledger at a party where drugs were being used may have led to a proliferation of the video on numerous websites Thursday. Posters, in turn, were excoriated by Ledger fans. One YouTube poster defended himself by saying that his attackers were trying to sweep the matter under the rug and making it impossible for others to learn from what had occurred. Meanwhile, it was reported that Ledger's publicists, ID-PR, had sent email messages to other PR firms and agencies saying that airing the video "is not journalism, it is sensationalism. It is a shameful exploitation of the lowest kind, to a talented and gentle soul, undeserving of such treatment." Meanwhile, today's (Friday) New York Post reported that Ledger had become addicted to cocaine and heroin in the past year and cited a "member of Ledger's entourage" as saying, "He was really into heroin. He wasn't sleeping or communicating with anyone." Dr. Drew Pinsky, of VH1's Celebrity Rehab, who viewed the tape, said on Entertainment Tonight Thursday, "I am convinced that if this heart-wrenching video had aired, it would have gotten through and had a positive effect on young people in America. Perhaps it could have even saved lives."