Writer and producer Patrick Harbinson has created a new solicitor character, named Emma Blunt, who will lead an upcoming ITV series, which is described as an "exciting, visceral political thriller".

The Peaky Blinders actress can't wait to start shooting the show, stating, "When l was at drama school l was inspired by (Helen Mirren TV series) Prime Suspect, watching as Britain led the way in creating strong female characters to lead their dramas.

"It's a thriller that starts deceptively small, then begins crossing borders to different cultures and continents."

Helen knew the plot and characters would be "complex and contradictory" after watching her husband tackle the role of Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody in Homeland.

The series follows her legal eagle character as she investigates the death of a schoolgirl and attempts to free the man she is convinced was wrongly convicted of her murder.

Filming will begin in London and East Anglia, England next month (Sep16).

Lewis portrayed Brody in Homeland from 2011 to 2104. His character was executed at the end of his run on the show.